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Jordan Taylor is warm and welcoming in his meetings. A very relateable and helpful life coach who helped me understand more about myself and what my passions and goals in life are. My self confidence and life path have sky rocketed from our meetings. Highly recommend.

Brianna Brunet

I cannot speak highly enough of Jordan. He has been one of the most significant voices of clarity in my life. He has helped me find what I’m passionate about and helped me to find practical steps towards my goals. He has a unique ability to find and draw out the best in people and cares for everyone he meets. Highly recommend!

Marco Soerensen


Jordan's intuitiveness is off the charts. I generally tend to think "coaching" is a joke...that is not the case with Jordan. I highly recommend.

Brad Scoggin

CEO of Springboard VR

Jordan has been a huge help in directing my life and career by asking targeted, well thought out questions that have brought clarity and focus to areas of doubt and confusion. His ability to listen well and care genuinely were exactly what I needed to develop a greater sense of confidence, purpose, and ability to move forward with a clear goal. Jordan Taylor has had a major impact on my life and is not only intelligent, talented, and trustworthy, but also kind, humble, and hard working. I would highly recommend him to anyone searching for purpose, clarity, freedom, and growth in their life.

Bethany Taylor

Mom & Pastor

Jordan and I worked together remotely through video chat. Initially when I reached out to him I was expecting him to tell me what direction to go with my career; however, it turned out that instead of telling me what to do with my career he equipped me with skills to make sound decisions on my own. Overall, if you’re seeking guidance in any area of life, Jordan is one of the wisest people I’ve ever talked with and I recommend him.

Trey Bren

Mortgage Broker

I was able to meet Jordan two years ago, and I am very thankful for his way of coaching. He challenged me to do things I would never have done by myself, and that helped overcome my own fears. That taught me many things and gave me confidence for upcoming challenges. Jordan’s way of teaching made me very inspired, and his energy gave me fuel to go on my own journey.

David Jorgensen



What informs Jordan & Keltie's coaching?

Jordan and Keltie sometimes coach together, and sometimes individually. We are happy to recommend what we think is best for your situation.

Jordan helps you to find clarity, gain confidence, and then take action.

He is passionate about people living life to the full and draws on his experience teaching and mentoring around the world with a global non-profit that he volunteered with full-time for 5 years.

Qualifications: Robbins-Madannes Strategic Intervention Coach, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Certified Practitioner, Pre-Marriage/Marriage SYMBIS Certified, Life & Counselling Skills Certificate, Bachelor of Management Studies in Accounting, Graduate Diploma Strategic Management.

Other Experience: General Manager of National Sign Company, Pastor, International Speaker, Business Consultant, Scholarship Athlete, International Athletic Competition

Keltie helps you know yourself and find your path forward.

Keltie has worked as a counsellor and a life coach and loves helping people discover how they are wired and what they could do that would help them thrive.

Qualifications: Certified Life Coach, Bachelor of Psychology, MA in Counselling, Certified Clinical Trauma Practitioner, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Certified Practitioner, Pre-Marriage/Marriage SYMBIS Certified.

Other Experience: College Athlete, College Assistant Coach, International Volunteer Work, Fitness Instructor, Assistant


How much do sessions cost?

Sessions are 50 minutes and are done either by phone or by video call (your preference).

Jordan and Keltie coach together for $70 per session or individually at $50 per session.


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