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We help you take your relationship to the next level.

Jordan & Keltie work together with couples to help them grow in the most important thing in life - relationships.

Apply for Relationship Coaching

1. Take Relationship Assessment

2. Take Personality Assessments

3. Tailored Coaching for Breakthrough

Equipped Holistically to Help You

Jordan and Keltie use their combined skills to help you grow individually and as a couple.

1. Understand Your Relationship

You and your partner will both take a comprehensive assessment of your relationship.

You will fill it out separately and once completed your results will be sent to Jordan & Keltie.

In your first session you will go through the results and learn more about your unique relationship and receive strategies for improvement.

2. Understand Yourself & Your Partner

Understanding yourself and your partner is key to having a successful relationship.

It will help you to understand how each other thinks and what their blind spots are, and what is motivating their various behaviours.

Jordan and Keltie are certified in the most widely used personality assessment in the world - the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). 

You will find out your Myers-Briggs type and also your Enneagram type and how that affects your relationship.

3. Receive Coaching Specific to You

Once you have gained understanding and clarity, you may need ongoing accountability, support, and new strategies.

This is what the coaching is for. Jordan was trained by the inventor of the Life Coaching industry - Tony Robbins through his training school. 

Keltie also has her Life Coaching certification as well has her Bachelors in Psychology and her Masters in Counselling.


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