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Accelerate Your Career

A step-by-step mini-course giving you a proven method to discover the career you want and then how to obtain a job in that field.


"Simon has allowed me to see my full-potential. He has spoken life over my future career, which has given me hope and allowed my confidence to be restored. I’m very thankful to have Simon as a mentor!"


"Simon was a tremendous help in my journey of trying to find a job. He helped me fix my resume to look professional and also tailored it to the specific job at hand. He did so in such a way that, I believe, was the reason I got the interview. My experience was little but he was able to find the ways I was qualified for the position and advocate on my behalf. I sincerely believe he has a gift and that, coupled with his experience, means he is able to help anyone get a chance to show their skills. Another bonus is that he is very strategic and insightful on what jobs seem best for the individual. He provided career guidance and resume help all at the same time."


"Simon was able to take my thoughts, ideas and questions, and consolidate them into one area for me to focus on! Imagine being at a buffet line and not sure where to start, then boom, you see that medium rare filet mignon; that’s how it was working with Simon! He brought clarity and helped me find a starting point!"


Meet Your Instructor

Simon is a Fortune 500 HR Leader who will share with you inside-knowledge and industry insights to help you find the job you want and get noticed by the hiring team.

Simon’s passion is to leverage his experience to help people on their career journey through proven and simple strategies that have been shown to propel people towards their career goals.

Everything you will learn in this course is exactly what Simon did to position himself for success at some of the world’s most renowned organizations, where at age 26 he was consulting with the CFO of Warner Bros. and became the youngest senior manager at the company by over 5 years.

“The steps that I share aren’t rocket science, but they work”

Course Overview

1. Finding the Right Connections

Learn a simple, repeatable, and genuine approach that helps you to rapidly develop strategic relationships with professionals you want to engage with. Whether you want to learn more about a certain profession by talking with someone doing the work today, or develop a connection to increase your chances of getting hired in the future, this approach has worked time and again.  

2. Finding the Right Job

This module explores some foundational, but often forgotten foundations of the world of work, and quickly dives in to a very practical, step-by-step approach to finding the job that you want. You’ll even learn how to use a simple tool to notify you when a position of interest becomes available so you aren’t having to search and search every day.

3. How to Get the First Interview

Explore what it takes to make a winning resume and learn an unconventional approach to apply for jobs in such a way that bypasses the typical application process and gets your resume in front of the recruiter immediately. Simon brings his experience as a former Disney recruiter in this insightful and groundbreaking module.



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